Create a website for your business – Which path to take?

WordPress vs. other options

Javascript code  vs. wordpress

WordPress vs. HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript

Entering the world of web programming can be a whole lot of fun but like any profession, it requires sacrifices and dedication. Just to be able to learn a layout language like HTML and CSS will take you up to 3 – 6 months of self-training, studying and practice every day. Learning PHP(Backend Programming), or Javascript(Language for interaction with users) is a whole new animal when talking about learning web programming; this 2 languages can take from 6 months to a year to learn properly. Disclaimer: If one takes courses, the learning curves will be much smoother, easier and faster. Knowing this is up to you if you want to take this path, which I repeat, is really, really fun.

WordPress vs. Website Builders

Website builders can be cheap or expensive, depends on where you land. Cheap or expensive, I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody who is looking to portray a solid and professional image of their business. They are extremely limited, demonstrate serious lack of imagination, can´t be personalized, and they´re sometimes ugly.

WordPress vs. Joomla/Drupal

Drupal is a very powerful platform that is popular with web developers and experienced coders, but it comes with a very steep learning curve that makes it a bad choice for beginners. Joomla is similar to WordPress and works great for online stores, but you’ll need at least a little bit of technical coding to make it work the way you want. They aren’t as user-friendly.

Personal recommendation if you want to create a website

It really depends on your personal preference. If you really like web programming and have always wanted to explore that field, I would suggest you enroll in some sort of coding bootcamp, take a course on,, or whatever other learning platforms you prefer (I will review them in the future, to help you make a decision.) If you take this path there will be more bumps on the road, maybe you´ll need some guidance, but if you love what you’re doing, it will come with a high level of satisfaction.

If you want a somewhat quick solution, I would suggest going for WordPress. Although, if you don´t know what you’re doing, you´ll have troubles before you end up with a finished product. If you don’t like the world of websites, are not tech savvy or have another similar obstacle. I would recommend hiring a professional. If that is the case I would suggest you check out our plans and ask for a quote. With SemoMarketingStudio, your business is in good hands.

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